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Customize your workflow

$ 149
per month (includes first user)

$99 / additional user / month*
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Pro Plus!


$ 249
per month (includes first user)

$199 / additional user / month*
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Enterprise and Gov

Contact us for a custom solution. Great for large firms, government, custom integrations, and internal audit clients.
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*discounted additional users requires annual contract


PremiumPlus Support FREE for 1 year! ($5,500 value)

Unlimited 1-on-1 onboarding and support sessions for your firm.
Speak with a dedicated CPA with 35+ years audit experience!
Offer ends 06/30/2024.

Professional Pro-Plus Enterprise
Cloud Storage 1 TB 10 TB Unlimited
Users Up to 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Email and Phone Support
Secure Client Portal
AuditFile Collaborate LIVE!
AuditFile AI (US Patent 10,891,294)
AuditFile PCR+T
Customizable Procedure Templates
Intelligent Trial Balance (with direct link to Xero and QBO)
Advanced Workflow and Signoff Tracking
Microsoft Office 365 Integration (seamlessly edit, review, and link workpapers)
Diagnostic and Lock
Wiley Accounting Test Prep Discounts
MFA: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc.
Materiality and Risk Practice Aid
Internal Control Evaluation by Cycle
Advantage Audit Industry Guides
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Biometric Authenication with YubiKey
Custom Branding
Custom Hosting Solutions (including on-premise and AWS GovCloud)
Active Directory, LDAP, SSO integration
CAC/PIV authentication (for Federal customers)


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Highlighted Features

  • Audit, Review
    and Compilations

  • Trial Balance

  • Industry Specific

  • Real-time
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Are programs/methodology built in? Yes, AuditFile includes the latest Advantage Audit programs and planning documents for industry-specific audits, reviews and compilations. Custom programs can also be loaded in.
Are there any upfront or hidden fees? No, AuditFile keeps pricing simple with no upfront or extra expenses. We do offer a discount for a one year commitment.
Is there a limit to the number of clients or engagements I can create? No.
Can AuditFile work for an internal/governmental audit team? Yes! AuditFile can easily be tailored as an internal audit program. Contact us today to learn more!
Do I need my own servers with remote login capability to use AuditFile. No, AuditFile is accessible 24/7 from any connected device. You never have to worry about installing software, setting up servers, or using a remote login program.
Is training and support included? Yes, AuditFile will work with you hand-in-hand for the first 60 days to make sure Auditfile is a good fit for your firm. We are available 7 days a week via phone and email. We can also schedule personal instruction sessions, free of charge, so you can quickly and easily learn AuditFile best practices.
How long does AuditFile take to set up? Signing up for an account take about 5 minutes. We have had users begin audit work on the same day.
Are more extensive consulting options available for firms? Yes, we offer comprehensive consulting services tailored to your firm's specific needs, including support for internal inspections, peer review, and quality control.
Do you have CPAs with extensive audit experience that I can talk to? Yes! We have CPAs with 30+ years in all areas of auditing to answers any tough or niche questions you have. Contact us to schedule a call today!
If I need to leave AuditFile, can I take my data with me? Yes, AuditFile is “easy in, easy out”. We can export any and all data that you have created or uploaded.
Can I see more information on security and data storage? Yes, more information can be found at
Has an independent third party reviewed the AuditFile platform? Yes. AuditFile received early recognition for its innovative design, being a CPA Practice Advisor Innovation Award finalist in 2015, winner in 2017, and again a finalist in 2021. It was also selected as the top new "Audit Tool" by AccountingToday in 2015. In 2023, AuditFile's commitment to excellence was further acknowledged when it was named the #1 Audit Engagement Tool in the CPA Practice Advisor Readers’ Choice Awards. Additionally, AuditFile's founders have consistently been recognized as "20 Under 40" Influencers by CPA Practice Advisor over several years.
Does AuditFile have audit programs? Yes, Advantage Audit industry specific programs and templates are built in!
Does AuditFile have a complete trial balance tool? Yes, AuditFile is the only platform with an entirely cloud based trial balance tool. AuditFile currently has several patents for this technology.
Can I load in custom procedure templates for my firm? Can AuditFile work for internal audits? Yes, we work with firms to quickly load in and maintain custom engagement or AUP procedure templates. Imagine being able to roll out procedure updates to your entire firm with a click of a button.
Who should use Advantage Audit powered by AuditFile? Professional auditors and accountants. Each Advantage Audit guide within the software focuses on a particular industry, allowing auditors to spend time on their audits rather than navigating their paperwork.